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Home » Katun and Virtulytix Partner for Dealer Optimization Solutions

Katun Corporation Selects SuppliesIQ from Virtulytix as Partner for Dealer Supplies Optimization Solutions

Increasing Dealer Profit by Implementing Just-In-Time Supplies Delivery.

Today, Virtulytix and Katun Corporation have announced an agreement to provide Katun’s dealer base with a solution for improving supplies profitability. The partnership using Virtulytix’s industry leading technology will allow dealers to receive accurate information on “days to empty” status for their MPS devices. This will allow just-in-time shipments and prevent early exchanges of cartridges prior to them being empty.

According to Ed Crowley (CEO Virtulytix), “A key element of efficient supplies fulfillment services is the ability to know, with a high degree of accuracy, when the supply item will actually be empty. Ship the supply item too late and you face customer dissatisfaction. Ship the item too early and there is supply waste that adversely affects the profits of the MPS provider.” Virtulytix developed SuppliesIQ to fix this problem, and Katun is introducing SuppliesIQ to their dealer base to provide them with a competitive advantage and enhanced profitability.

Ron Petrucci, Vice President and General Manager of Katun North America stated, “We are excited to be able to bring the SuppliesIQ solution to our customers. By partnering with Virtulytix, the leader in providing advanced analytics to the imaging industry, we can provide a proven, differentiated solution to our customer base.”

Virtulytix and Katun look forward to implementing this breakthrough technology and assisting dealers in improving their MPS profitability.

About Virtulytix

Formed in 2017 Virtulytix is comprised of two group services: the Virtulytix Imaging Industry Group and the Virtulytix Predictive Analytics Group.

Virtulytix Predictive Analytics Group is a leader in providing advanced analytics solutions which empower device manufacturers, resellers, and fleet managers to realize the full potential of their IoT enabled devices and fleets. As the developer of the unique SuppliesIQ™ service, an automated predictive supplies fulfillment solution, Virtulytix enables OEMs, distributors, and dealers managing fleets of imaging devices to achieve accurate just-in-time supplies replenishment. This ensures customers get their supplies WHEN they need them – not too early and not late. Using the IoT and tools such as IBM Cognitive solutions, Python, and R the company’s team of data engineers and data scientists develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models to produce predictive and prescriptive analytics that help clients improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, minimize replenishable item waste, and avoid unplanned maintenance. Used in the print and imaging, nuclear power, semiconductor, and manufacturing industry these predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions address inventory, supply, and logistics management challenges.

About Katun Corporation

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Katun Corporation is one of the world’s leading suppliers of OEM-compatible imaging supplies, photoreceptors, fuser rollers, parts and other products and services for printers, copiers and MFPs. Katun has over 40 years’ experience in the imaging industry and serves approximately 10,000 dealer and distributor customers worldwide. For more information, visit Katun online at www.katun.com.